Transit to Greenland!

My name is Kate, and I’m the chief scientist on board DY081. As chief scientist, I have to make decisions about where we go and what we do, so it’s a pretty full time job! This is the first time that I’ve been in this role. I’ve learned a lot so far – and I’m sure the learning curve will continue to rise steeply – so I’m enjoying the challenge. It helps immensely that I have such a fantastic team with me.

A beautiful sunset during ROV deployment the other day (photo credit: Shannon Hoy)

We’re now in transit from our first site at Orphan Knoll to our next target: Greenland.  This means that there’s a little bit more time for everyone (including me!) to catch up on things after working so hard, such as laundry, calling home, and blog writing! The weather so far has been kind to us, but we’re following in the wake of a storm so the waves are a little bigger than they have been – just as a little reminder that we’re still at sea!



Our first site was a great success.  We collected water samples, particles from the seawater, sediment cores, and biology – and everyone on board is pleased to get their samples. I’m delighted too that things have gone so well – but I’m also itching to get to Greenland!  The main aim of ICY-LAB is to study how the melting of ice on land impacts ocean nutrients… so, for that, we need to get closer to the ice itself. All being well, we will be there in a couple of days and will be able to report back more!

Some of the ICY-LAB team enjoying a bit of sunbathing during the transit to Greenland, taking a break from the hard work at Orphan Knoll (photo credit Marcus Badger)



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