IsoGlace: Novel isotopes in glaciated environments!

On March 23rd, the University of Bristol hosted the IsoGlace workshop about novel isotope systems in glaciated environments. The workshop was organised by ICY-LAB’s Kate Hendry to coincide with a visit from UoB Benjamin-Meaker fellows Ellen and Jon Martin, from the University of Florida Gainsville, and featured talks from glaciologists and geochemists about how we can use isotopic measurements to understand glacial processes today and in the past, with a view to how these systems might change in the future. The talks (which included some exciting new ICY-LAB results!) were followed by discussions on the key questions, and how we might be able to address them through future innovations and collaborations. The university welcomed visitors from all around the UK, including colleagues from Southampton, UCL, Imperial, Nottingham and Cambridge. The day was a great success, and everyone left brimming with ideas!

Many thanks to the Jean Golding Institute and the Cabot Institute at the University of Bristol for funding, and to the School of Geographical Sciences for the use of their lecture theatre and facilities.

Workshop participants, and what was left of the poster session!

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