Glaciers as a sources of silicon to the oceans!

Hawkings, J. R., Hatton, J., Hendry, K.R. et al. “The silicon cycle impacted by past ice sheets.” Nature Communications 93210 (2018)

Hawkings, Jon R., et al. “Ice sheets as a missing source of silica to the polar oceans.” Nature Communications 8 (2017).

More ICY-LAB papers to follow!

And some interesting review papers (featuring ICY-LAB team members) all about silicon and silicifiers:

Competition between silicifiers and non-silicifiers in the past and present ocean and its evolutionary impacts

A review of the stable isotope bio-geochemistry of the global silicon cycle and its associated trace elements

Biosilicification drives a decline of dissolved Si in the oceans through geologic time


And a recent paper about barium in the Arctic Ocean!

Spatiotemporal Variability of Barium in Arctic Sea‐Ice and Seawater


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